Alibaba, Shanghai

Alibaba, Shanghai

Country: China
Year: 2016
Category: Grocery
Solution: Optimal™+ and Next™
Customer homepage:

Alibaba Shanghai choose to partner with HL Display when they open their first brick and mortar store

Alibaba in Shanghai, China is testing a new combination of online presence and a strong supply chain to ensure fast deliveries of perishable food. Conveyor belts are used in-store to transport ready packed bags.

“Impressive to see that there were actually more staff consolidating online orders in the store than actual shoppers

- says Jadon Yue from HL Display in Shanghai

Having well organised shelves and effective Merchandising solutions are key to keep speed in this supply chain. HL Display installed solutions such as Optimal™ + dividers and pushers and Next™ metal trays with pushers.  

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