Country: UK
Year: 2015
Customer web site:
Category: many categories like  beers, wines and spirits and household.
Solution: Roller Track™

Rolling to success at the shelf edge

ASDA is currently rolling out an automatic facing solution across their wine and household categories in the UK. 

The objective of the roll-out is to save time and reduce Labor cost when replenishing the shelves, and at the same time improve availability and increase sales by always having the shelves fronted.

The nationwide roll-out is a result of pilot testing in 14 trial stores. The stats from the trial stores were found not only to meet but exceed ASDA’s expectation so much so that they have invested in this fixture throughout their estate.

The solution chosen,  Roller Track™, has been installed in the beers, wines and spirits category and household products with the objective of reducing the amount of time spent by staff replenishing and front facing products, giving them time to work in customer facing activities.

 “We are delighted with the installation and our staff is finding it so easy to work with and the time savings really do make all the difference.” ASDA Store Manager (Essex, UK)

The technical solution for Roller Track™, provided by HL Display, keeps products visible at all times. It’s maintenance free gravity feed system, delivering full visibility of products and allows the consumer to make their choice quick an easy. 

We see a trend when it comes to using rolling shelfs as a solution, which has really taken off in the last couple of years. We are currently engaged in roll-outs across Europe also in dairy, beverages and Health & Beauty categories” says Tomas Humphreys, Product Manager for Roller Track™ at HL Display. 

Roller Track™ gives a ‘self-replenishing’ appearance by automatically delivering products to the shelf edge making them look neat, tidy and full all day long. 

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