Country: France
Year: 2014
Customer web site:
Category: Bulk foods
Solution: 3eBin™

Auchan's bulk offer - a different way of consuming

Auchan has been working with discount offers in the bulk section since 2005. Now that the interest for "green" food is increasing, and benefits of bulk is proven, the retailer wanted to go further and expand the concept by creating a prominent bulk area in the store. 

Multiple targets were solved

Auchan wanted to position this section as a high-end store area - a store destination that catches the eye from afar with a specific color mood. Up to 350 different products are proposed in a 17 elements long aisle.

HL Display provided a complete solution with the 3eBin™ range containing both gravity and scoop bins. HL Display bulk system is totally BPA free - resquested in most countries for consumer products and food containers. The system works despite different product types, some of them sticky and some extremely fine. HL Display France proposed a complete customised installation - from metallic fixture to wooden furniture and overhead signage. A complex project that demanded expertise and know-how.

The concept appeals to consumer looking for a healthier consumption.

The proof was shown on TV during the 20:00 TF1 News show bulk products create business opportunities.
The report explains how the offer extended to new grains and influenced customers to new eating habits and thus new shopping habits.

Bulk products are interesting for both retailers and for producers who develop the market for green products and new cereals (quinoa, bulgur). Healthy products, a new way of buying and an appealing product presentation is the keys to success - that's what was said on TV.

Today 7 stores propose this in-store concept. 3 more will be installed by the end of the year. The concept will be further rolled out during 2015.