Bulk Food

Bulk foods' inevitable comeback

The story about bulk foods

Ever since self-service stores were introduced in the early 20th century, many are those that have dismissed bulk foods as an outdated way of shopping. It took the financial crisis of 2009 for retailers and shoppers alike to find their way back to this packaging-free way of shopping. Ever since, retail professionals have realised the value of bulk foods; not only do they drive traffic through differentiation, but they also offer better gross margins!

Why do shoppers do bulk?

The #1 reason shoppers buy in bulk is the ability to determine the quantity of product they wish to buy*. This means shoppers are more likely to try more, and new, products when shopping from a bulk display. Also, growing environmental awareness make aware shoppers seek out stores that do offer bulk merchandising.

The impulse buying tool

Bulk foods offer the unique ability for consumers to create their own mix of merchandise in-store. With the right bulk bins, bulk merchandising also offers perfect product visibility. These are only some of the reasons our customers report sales increases of 30-40% upon installing our bulk bins!

Many categories are bulk best-sellers

The most popular category from the grocery sector is confectionery with sales increases of on average +30%. There are as many business opportunities in your store as the number of locations for a bulk offer; Categories such as nuts & seeds, confectionery, cereals & muesli, pet food, coffee & tea and rice, pasta and grains are all popular bulk destinations.

The 3eBin™ range

Displaying products in HL Displays 3eBin™ not only enhance and differentiate the store image, it also decreases packaging costs and helps in saving the planet. Our range is BPA free as a standard to preserve quality of products displayed. Read more about our bulk bins here.

* Bulk is Green Council

Reported ROI for our bulk bins average 30%

3eBin™ in the press

Packaging-free shopping with 3eBin™

Large-format stores go bulk!

In France, shoppers’ environmental awareness as well as their wish to buy exact quantities has made bulk merchandising boom. The result? Our 3eBin™ has become a success not only in specialty stores, but also in supermarkets and hypermarkets! 

As I like baking, I buy only the quantity needed for my cakes, that way, there is no stocking in the cupboards and no waste.” - Quote by anonymous shopper.

This and more in the French article “La vente en vrac fait un carton”.