Bulk Merchandising

Attract shopper attention with a bulk display!

Bulk merchandising shop-in-shop solutions are an excellent way to build brand awareness.

Differentiating from regular shelving will attract shoppers to your bulk display from afar. Making use of this packaging-free way of merchandising positions your brand as environmentally friendly - and increases your bottom line by reducing costs for transport and packaging!

Grow your sales with bulk merchandising

A wide range of shoppers hunt for on-the-go snacks or for the possibility to create their very own mix of products. Allowing those shoppers to create their own mix of nuts or candy through a bulk display is therefore a great way of stimulating impulse purchases.

The product launch success factor

The number one reason shoppers buy in bulk is the ability to determine the exact amount of product they want*. This in turn means the barrier to trying new products will be much lower for shoppers that buy in bulk. Therefore, bulk displays are your starting point to broaden your assortment!

3eBin™ - The ecological, economical and ergonomic bulk bin system

Scoop or gravity bins - a solution for every need

Our scoop and gravity bins both guarantee first in, first out (FIFO) stock rotation and are made of virtually unbreakable material.

scoop bins   gravity bins
Scoop bins                                                           Gravity bins

Scoop and gravity bins together cover most types of dry foods

Scoop bins:

  • Integrated scoops appeal to allergic and hygiene-aware shoppers.
  • Ideal for slow-moving products.
  • Low and curved front for an optimal shopping experience.
  • Available with catch tray for easy removal of crumbs and sugar.
  • Available with soft closing lid for a premium feel.

Gravity bins:

  • Hygienic system - consumers can see, but not touch the product unless buying.
  • All models available with false front for enhanced product visibility.
  • Available with agitator for slow-moving products.
  • Standard flow control and ergonomic handle for optimal shopping experience and shrinkage reduction.

Bulk is Green Council

Reported sales increases for our bulk bins are 


Create a unique shop-in-shop destination

Contact us to develop a specific corner that best fulfill your needs
(wood, metal, lighting etc.). 

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