Coop, Switzerland

A spotlight shines on health and beauty

Coop, being one of the largest food retailers in Switzerland ensures it keeps pace with the latest merchandising solutions by constantly reviewing their in-store activity on an annual basis. This allows them to maintain control of staff costs and in-store efficiencies along with driving sales.

Their on-going in-store improvements focus on different categories and health and beauty was identified as one area for upgrade. Coop were looking to achieve several objectives, firstly to drive traffic and increase linger time, reduce time spent on replenishing stock and changing the shopper journey through disruption.

HL worked with Coop alongside a design agency to offer options. They chose to install the Ad’Lite™ LED Flexi to the category which immediately elevated it from the standard aisle and created a welcoming environment for consumers to spend time in. The lights attracted consumers to aisles disrupting their usual shopping journey. By ensuring they spent more time in the category resulted in significant sales uplift, an increase in basket value and positive customer feedback.

A welcoming environment for consumers to spend time in

In addition to illuminating the aisles the hair colourant section was also updated. RollerTrack™ self-feeding system was installed on angled shelves allowing products to roll gently to the shelf edge making the display look full and front faced as well as easier to shop.

Roller Track™ installed in the hair colourant section

Coop has been delighted with the results. Not only have the RollerTrack™ and Ad’Lite™ systems delivered a better looking display, consumers stay longer within the category spending more and the hair colourant section takes less time to maintain and is easier to merchandise saving money on overheads.

Category Manager at Coop said:

“Since we have installed the new health and beauty department our customers don’t just stop at the gondola end and buys items from there. The much lighter category lures consumers into the department. They circulate between the gondolas and customers stay longer in the category.” 

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