Country: Belgium
Year: 2014
Customer web site:
Category: many categories like Health and Beauty, grocery, home care and wine, beers and spirits.
Solution: Facer™

Facer™ pull feeding system successfully installed across the store

Store Manager Paul Ebben, Delhaize
in Wuustwezel, speaks millions of
HL Display's merchandising solution Facer™.

The first test installation was done in October 2013, in the wine and spirits category and already after two months Paul Ebben decided to expand into other categories.

Paul wanted to start with one of the fast moving goods categories and for his store, it was soups.

The feed-back from the store personnel came very fast. They all realised the time saved and how easy it was to work with. They wanted to have Facer™ installed in more categories.

“the categories having Facer™ installed became very popular to manage” .

Paul decided to install Facer™ in all possible categories and took in 20 extra persons only for the installation. - The system is simple to use and anyone could understand how to install it so the work went very fast, says Paul.

Other positive results of the Facer™ installation was:

  • Front feeding including dividers assure the products stay in their lane.
  • A “clean and neat store”. Customers appreciated the well fronted shelves and neat impression.
  • The stock went down with about 4/5th.
  • Better stock control has improved our margins.
  • No hidden products at the back of the shelves or behind other lanes that could lead to unnecessary re-ordering or re-stocking.
  • Easy handling of FIFO, less waste due to out of date.
  • Easy and fast stock counting.
  • Re-stocking needed only once or twice per week instead of every day.
  • Easier for new employees and temps to work in an easy and efficient way.
  • Ergonomic, top and lower shelves are easy to reach and work with.

"Re-facing becomes natural, because it goes so fast!"