Drugstores & Pharmacies

Drugstores & Pharmacies

Create an engaging in-store environment 

Drugstores and pharmacies are getting more oriented towards self-service and Health & Beauty products. As a result, the need for price and product communication is increasing, as well as the need for segmentation and branding. HL Display has the complete offer to provide efficient solutions to create a better shopping experience.  

Multifunctional profile with premium feel

CosmeLine™ is the perfect carrier profile to combine price communication with category segmentation. Coloured segmentation increases time spent in store and shopping basket value.

How to explode sales? Just Ad'Lite!

It is widely known that light plays an important part of the in-store communication. Light adds ambiance to the product presentation and creates an appealing shopping atmosphere. Read about our lighting offer here. 

It’s really challenging for drugstores and pharmacies to keep shelves in an attractive way. Use our divider system Optimal+ to clarify the offer and reduces time spent to keep shelves in order.

A proven solution for increasing sales

Brandline™  is the perfect solution within categories where product understanding is a key factor to develop sales.