Environmental Awareness

Recycling and certification

HL Display has production facilities in Sweden, UK, Poland and China. HL Display’s main environmental impacts in its production are plastic waste, energy consumption and use of plastic raw materials. With sales companies and distributors in 44 markets around the world, transport is also a source of indirect environmental impacts.  
HL Display endeavors to promote a high level of awareness about environmental impacts. This means collecting and sorting paper, packaging material and used electronic equipment and ensuring they are sent for recycling. For many years,
HL Display has been using telephone and video conferences as an alternative to travel between offices. The result is less impact on the environment and less non-productive travel time.

ISO 14001 Certification
HL Display’s largest factory in Sundsvall, Sweden has been ISO 14001 certified since the end of the 1990s. The factory in China and the logistics centre in Falkenberg were certified to ISO 14001 during 2010. It is HL Display’s goal to have all production facilities and regional logistics centres certified by 2015.

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