Increase Sales

Increase sales

Improved product presentation leads to increase in sales.

Especially important in impulse categories like confectionery or in high margin categories like health and beauty. A good presentation also drives the product selection upwards. Shoppers buy more branded and private labels if they have the right information. If not they choose the lowest price on offer.

Make the most of your selling space

Maximise merchandising space and add up to 2 rows with Next™.

Additional sales space can be created thanks to Cross-Merchandising solutions like SideKick™ Max.

Improve offer visibility

Surveys indicate that 80% of the decisions are made directly in the store. Good shelf merchandising helps the consumers identify products and prices. Read more about Optimal+.

Improve shopability at all times!

Roller Track™ never sleeps. It brings sellable product to the shelf edge, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Finding the right category, the right segment, the right shelf and the right product in an easy way, will improve the customer loyalty and boost sales.

 In-store communication

Read more about our knowledge of in-store communication.