Innovative Solutions

Setting the retail industry standard

With our feet firmly planted on the retail floor, HL Display has a long history of providing Innovative Solutions to stores & brands all over the world.

Price labelling

The datastrip was born in 1975. HL Display obtained a patent for the strip. The idea was to design a strip that would run along the entire length of a shelf. This would enable shopkeepers to slide labels into position without having to move the ticket holder.

Innovation is one of the pillars of HL Display's approach. The work of developing concepts for new solutions is often undertaken together with a large customer, who can try out new solutions in store. Auchan was the first chain to implement Slimline™, a multifunctional shelf edge communication profile, on a large scale.

Merchandising solutions

1989 - The shelf merchandising system Optimal™ sees the light of day.
The multiplication of the offer and the introduction of space plans - or what goes where on a shelf - paved the way for HL Display's shelf management system. Over time, the system has been complemented with a whole range of accessories, allowing for example automatic feed. In 2009, the world leading merchandising system just got better with new, even better usability features, traded under the name of Optimal+™.

Facilitating front feeding, saving Labor costs and developing impulse buying have always guided our innovations. In 2008 we launched Roller Track™, a system that minimises the time needed for re-stocking. It maintains an attractive, sales boosting product display.

New Technologies

In 2009, Ad'Lite™ was the first step within New technologies providing a low voltage light solution. Beginning of 2011, HL Display launched its own Digital Signage solution, Ad'Pulse™.


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In 2010, HL Display launched 3eBin™ -  a complete range of scoop and gravity bins for bulk merchandise.

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