Labor Cost

Save Labor and operating cost

Labor cost is one of the biggest expenses in retail. Spendings on improved efficiency give a very tangible return on investment.

Refilling and making shelves look nice and tidy is the everyday task of store personnel.

By providing simple tools, time can be saved or turned into other more sales oriented tasks. HL Display has a number of solutions that help retailers save time in their operations – when re-merchandising, when fronting and when doing inventory.

Product facing - Develop Automatic Feeding.

Our merchandising solutions improve range visibility and can be used to highlight offers and provide immediate visual identification of out-of-stock situations. 

Roller Track™ is a unique maintenance-free gravity feed system. It offers full range visibility for the consumer while saving Labor for the store.

Refilling - Simple tools to save time.

Roller Track™ allows refilling from back of the cooler - while Next™ offers the possibility to refill outside the gondola.

Refilling from back of the cooler

Electronic pricing - Save times and avoid costly mistakes.

Maintain price accuracy at all times and avoid costly mistakes and customer dissatisfaction. Read why choosing HL for ESL.