Lighting System

Brighten up your sales with shelf lighting

Ad’Lite™ - a complete retail proof plug and play lighting solution

Our lighting solution is based on LED technology, which is a green and cost-effective approach: low energy consumption and long life. Our system is easy to use and install - no tools required, no electrician needed. Ad’Lite™ is a complete plug and play solution that simplifies your illumination project. The range is compatible with signage, merchandising and price information.

  • High brightness and high efficiency
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Complete plug & play solution 

Benefits with Ad’Lite™

  • Highlights exclusive offers
  • Drives additional traffic
  • Improves consumer experience
  • Increases time spent in store/section
  • Increases sales!

Lighted aisle sign
Design your lighting with technically advanced and economical lamps. Our LED lamps are designed to be robust and thin with highest output of emitted light.

The system ensures minimal maintenance. The lamps are adapted to a variety of uses, including applications in sub-zero temperatures.

Enhance any category

Ad'Lite™ emits a minimum of heat and no UV radiation. An ideal solution for food, cosmetics, pharmacy products, chocolate or other sensitive products.