Mission & Core Values

Our mission at HL Display is simple, yet powerful. To provide what is essential to growing your business. 

What does essential optimization look like?

From our position as experts in merchandising and instore communication, we partner with you to create a more desirable shopping experience and enable your staff to use their time more efficiently. That includes:

  • A place where the consumer wants to shop
  • More differentiation from competition
  • Increased conversion to sales
  • Increased average check
  • Increased footfall

Simply put, we maximise your sales by making your selling space the best it can be. 

Our five core values express what we want HL Display to represent now and in the future, and are closely related to our mission.

Our Core Values


We make things better – stores, sales, products and people.


Constant innovation, constant improvement, constant change is at the core of everything we do. Not just for novelty, but change for the better.


We know we are essential for the success of our customers. We are confident in what we do and we give them confidence.


We create a difference between the past and the future, between our customers and their competition, between ourselves and others in our market.


We only sell what works better. We only sell what increases profit for our customers and ourselves.