Multivo making all the right moves in
health and beauty

Concept stores are a great way of introducing new ideas to consumers and many grocery retailers have them. They allow the retailer to showcase future trends and layout developments along with being a test bed for other activities.

Morrisons has one and, in fact, they’ve built it in North West London this year. The Colindale store will allow them to run all types of trials and monitor the results, giving them control over whether any are suitable or sufficiently effective enough to introduce to their entire estate, saving time and money on costly untried rollouts.

Multivo™ installation at Morrisons.

The health and beauty sector is a key category for them and recognising its importance due to the high value and stock turnover. It requires constant monitoring to ensure shelves are well stocked, look good and are easy to shop.

Creating a positive customer journey can be a balancing act between design and functionality but Morrisons have got the combination just right by ensuring the display looks great, are easy to shop and deliver a healthy sales uplift.

Not only did Multivo accommodate all the different product shapes and sizes, it automatically front-faced every line delivering it to the shelf edge and the customer. The shelves look great and from a customer perspective products and prices match creating a very positive customer journey!

Products are easy to find and clearly priced.

Multivo™ works with different product shapes and sizes.

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