Nutricia, Danone

Shining a light on Nutrilon products in the baby food aisle

The baby food category is inherently a quite competitive one, with many different brands jostling to catch the eyes of a shoppers and engage them in a buy - and, if successful, earn their loyalty onwards in the future.

Nutricia, a company from the Danone family, was feeling the pressure of such competition when it came to the visibility of their Nutrilon infant formulas, follow-on milks, and growth milks. Working in partnership with retailers Carrefour and AD Delhaize, their goals were to improve visibility, increase sales, and secure a fixed space on the shelf where their brand could make a big impact.

In order to achieve their objectives, Danone sought out an HL Display solution. After gathering and analyzing customer data from the retailers, we were able to understand shoppers’ needs and make a recommendation which would ensure that Nutrilon would not only stand out, but shine above the competition.

The Ad’Lite™ LED Lighting System revealed itself as the ideal choice. It was installed on two shelves, with LEDs mounted above each one, and directed downwards onto the products— creating an impossible-to-miss spotlight effect. To complete the look, shelftalker on aisle arm was mounted at the end of the shelf.

Following an initial three week trial in three stores, the solution proved to be a great hit. The illuminated shelves were doing their job, attracting the eyes of shoppers, lengthening linger times, and triggering a healthy, nearly double figure percentage sales lift.

We are delighted with the results,” reports category manager Diddier Woussen. “The system is exactly what we were looking for.

Capitalizing on their success, Nutricia proceeded to roll out their luminous baby aisle solution in an additional 50 stores. They now await, with positive expectation, that even more customers will find their way to their shelves and discover the Nutrilon product line.

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