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Represented in over 44 markets we help retailers to improve their performance in a challenging retail landscape.

After 2009, Labor productivity has fallen in several countries while minimum wages have increased steadily. As a consequence, many retailers are experiencing pressure on already low margins, which puts larger focus on improving retail store efficiency. Two of the biggest spending areas are Labor and energy costs. Volumes are relatively flat - in Europe, the basket size maintains itself but the number of visit per year decreases. Improving store traffic is high up on most retailer’s agendas.

Create differentiation - Increase sales - 
Save Labor cost

Create differentiation

Attractive & selling in-store environment that makes a difference.
Our experience from working with the world’s leading retailers and brands has taught us that in-store differentiation is the key to be successful in today’s competitive landscape. Read more about solutions that help creating differentiation in store.

Increase sales

76% of the buying decisions are made in the store.
Optimising categories, improving product presentation and reducing out of stocks have a vital effect on sales - as well as on stock turn. Read more about our merchandising solutions.

Save Labor cost

Labor savings and productivity gains. 
Labor cost is one of the biggest expenses in retail. Spending on improved efficiency gives a very tangible return on investment. Read more about HL solutions that help stores to reduce the number of hours spent on remerchandising.

Bring your brand to life

Ideas & solutions.
The consumer is exposed to more than 3000 messages a day - what will make yours stand out? We are creating in-store solutions that build traffic, sales and value in a retail environment.
Visit our web pages dedicated to brands and how we help them.

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